5 Major Cleaning Tasks for the New Year 2021

With the New Year and new year’s resolutions teeming, why not resolve to have a cleaner office in 2021? Although these tasks may seem daunting, you will be greatly impressed with the results. And, so will everyone entering your facility!

1. Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning should be performed just like routine maintenance on your car. Think of your carpets just like a giant air filter that harbors all sorts of dust, soils, and allergens. Carpet cleaning can greatly improve indoor air quality which in turn improves the health of the occupants. Also, it removes soils that cause damage to carpet fibers and greatly increases the life of the carpet.

2. Make the Windows Sparkle

Thorough window cleaning includes:

  • Washing glass inside/out
  • Cleaning screens with a soft brush
  • Washing and drying tracks and frames

3. Returning the Shine to Flooring

Whatever kind of flooring or floor covering you have at your home or office, proper floor cleaning is essential if you want to maintain the aesthetic appearance of your place. An unsightly floor could give your clients a negative impression of your company. As we know beforehand, vinegar has many benefits which include giving your floor a shiny and clean surface so most of the time it is applicable. When dirt and grit are unswept, they will leave messier conditions on the floor. Therefore, dusting or sweeping before mopping the floor is necessary for easier mopping. On tougher grout stains, use floor bleach.

4. Kitchen Cabinets and Refrigerator

Before you begin, turn your refrigerator off–and unplug it, too. Start at the top and remove everything from the top refrigerator shelf. Leftovers go directly into the garbage can. The shelf goes directly to the sink’s soapy water. While it soaks off the grime, use your degreaser spray to clean the refrigerator’s ceiling and walls down to the next shelf. Wash the shelf, dry, and replace it. Once the refrigerator is clean, then go through cabinets and drawers, wiping out dust and crumbs. Insides and outsides of doors should be cleaned too.

5. Clean IT equipment

Fax machines, copiers, monitors, computers, phones, and scanners are touched every day in a busy office. Clean your equipment to keep it looking fresh & more user-friendly. Spray compressed air into your keyboard to blow out the dust that has settled between the keys. Spray a lint-free cloth with an anti-static cleaner and use that to wipe down all plastic casings. Dampen another lint-free cloth with distilled water to wipe off glass monitors and screens. Distilled water does not contain particles that can scratch the glass. But do not spray liquid cleaner onto keyboards. Do not vacuum electronic equipment.

Alclean is dedicated to improving the appearance of your work and home environments. We provide top-level cleaning products o  homeowners, business managers, and construction site clients. Start your new year with clean surroundings and get rid of all the mess around you. We wish you a Happy New Year!