housekeeping cart

A Guide to Maintain the Housekeeping Trolley

The quick and spotless cleaning of hotel rooms for the next guest is undoubtedly necessary. The housekeeping staff needs to complete the task efficiently in the best possible way. And it is achieved by keeping the housekeeping trolley or cleaning cart prepared.

Here’s how you can stock a cleaning cart properly:

Prepare a Checklist

Provide your staff with a housekeeping cart check list so they can stock their carts at the beginning of their shift. It’s important that no items are missed because it wastes time when your staff has to make a trip back to the supply room. Take regular inventory counts on your supplies so that you never run out of important items.

Stock the Cart

The method of stocking may vary slightly from business to business, but the basic items that every hotel needs are the same. Start stocking a cart from the bottom up, beginning with linens and towels, then paper products, and ending with amenities and cleaning supplies. Keeping the cart organized and clean is important because it will be in plain view of your guests as your cleaning staff is working.

Points to Remember

  • When identified, immediately report any damage or faults with the trolley.
  • All housekeeping departments should have periodical checks done on equipment.
  • Always push the trolley, don’t pull it – it is important for you to see where you are going.
  • Always stock items in their designated place on the trolley – it is best to position heavy items on the bottom to prevent the trolley from overturning.
  • Trolleys should never be overloaded. If more supplies are needed than the trolley can hold, you will have to refill the trolley.
  • Never lift anything on your own that weighs over 16 kg to prevent any accident.