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Car Washing With Car Wash Shampoo


Do you know passionate car owners spend more than 1 million worth on cleaning supplies per year? That is why automotive car segments have grown so quickly over the past 20 years. On top of that, Car Wash Shampoo is used more for cleaning vehicles.

Now, more than a half dozen different types of car wash shampoo have been formulated for specific applications, and one general in nature. 

How to identify which one is best for your vehicle?
In today’s blog, we will discuss the basics and different levels of Car Wash Shampoo.

The Job Of Car Wash Shampoo

Car wash shampoo is designed to clean the car with the desired result. These shampoos help to remove dirt, debris, and other types of curd from your vehicle.

The level of cleanliness is an immediate result of 2 factors:

  • Your level of elbow grease input
  • The dilution ratio of shampoo. If there’s the very sticky stuff that needs to be removed, add extra concentrated shampoo with a little bit of elbow grease.

In a modern world, car shampoos are developed to remove acidic and sticky bug guts, bird crap, tree sap, and debris from vehicles to protect car paint.

Each car shampoo is intended to perform a specific task. But nowadays there are 2-in-1 shampoos in the market, but they are not intended to be used in certain applications.


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Leading Types Of Car Wash Shampoo:

Wax Stripping Shampoo

You can use it as an alkaline enhanced degreaser, usually with a pH level of 9 or 10. You can strip old wax, sealant, or deep contaminants from a vehicle surface with it.

Car Wash and Wax Formation

This is the most popular car wash shampoo nowadays. It’s a 2-in-1 solution for washing a vehicle and leaving a layer of wax on the surface.

Wheel Cleaning Shampoos

You can use this product to spray on cleaners. However, there are a few shampoos have specially designed to remove embedded brake dust and ferrous materials. It’s a low pH level (acidic).

Super Foaming

Super sudsy car wash shampoo became more popular for their foam cannon or foam gun, or touchless washing techniques. Its lubricant helps to reduce the potential of scratches, lift dirt and contaminants from the surface.

Car Shampoo For Vinyl and PPF

These shampoos have pH natural formulas that contain a synthetic wax or sealant. It helps to protect the film or vinyl from sun exposure.

Ceramic Coatings

It has specifically formulated to clean and to stand ceramic coating on it. These are pH-neutral shampoo, so it’s not harsh on the car surface. Additionally, it doesn’t contain any natural or synthetic waxes. It helps to not sit dirt and dust quickly on your vehicle surface.

Wrapping Up

As you can see not all car shampoos are the same. In fact, the wrong selection of car wash shampoo can harm your vehicle and its paint protection coating. Or maybe it can catch more dirt and dust on the surface. A better solution is to ask a car wash nearby so he can do all the work with his experience and knowledge.

Alclean provides you with all sorts of car wash cleaning products, so you won’t depend on the cheap selection of your car washer. Always buy the best for your vehicle.