Dishwashing Made Trouble Free by Alclean

Emptying the leftovers, scrubbing the burnt pots, cleaning the dirty dishes – who likes to do that? Unanimously, no one.  Nonetheless, it needs to be done. So Alclean decides to ease things for our dear customers and allow them to do trouble-free cleaning of the dishes. Living in Pakistan, there is hardly any household with a dishwasher – a machine for cleaning dishware and cutlery automatically, without physically scrubbing the dishes. And people are not even much interested to buy it.

Therefore, we have brought you a couple of cheap products that could help you in getting done with your dishes with ease. We have jotted down the dishwashing commodities and their innovative features right below. Do check them out!

Dishwash Soap Dispenser

Why get into the hassle of pouring dishwashing liquid again and again? This sometimes leads to spilling excessive liquid which gets wasted. The Dishwash Soap Dispenser saves you from all that. All you need to do is place your sponge on the top of the dispenser and push it for a jiffy. The pump in the dispenser allows the sponge to such the dishwashing liquid, sparing your time, and effort.

Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

Soap Dispensing Palm Brush is an innovative dish scrubber. The small brush with strong bristles to easily clean burnt pots and wash dirty dishes without hurting your hand. The brush has a pus-button on the top. Every time you push it, the liquid dispense from the bristles, allowing swift and better cleaning. It just takes three steps:

  • Fill the tube of the brush with soap.
  • Press the button to let the soap out.
  • Rub on the surface you want to wash.

Both of these products not only provide you comfort but they are also extremely light-pocket. Purchase them now from Alclean at affordable prices.