Window cleaning

Dos and Don’ts of Window Cleaning

Whether you’re trying to sell your home, having guests over for a party, or you simply want to enjoy your view, having clean windows will make your entire home sparkle. But if your windows have a layer of dirt or stains, it can make the whole place seem less clean. Window cleaning is a tedious and quite risky task. So, before you get started with it, let’s talk about how to clean your home’s windows with care and what to avoid. Our tips will help you keep your windows clean and in good shape for a nice long time.

Regular Absolute Cleaning

Keep cleaning your windows from time to time to keep them working swiftly. If you don’t clean your windows, dirt, and debris will eventually build up in the window track and make opening and closing your window difficult. While you are cleaning window glass, make sure that you also clean the window frame. Also, clean both inside and outside of windows including window glass, window sill, track, and screen.

Use Effective Cleaning Chemicals

Use proper cleaning chemicals for tour windows.  Alclean produces high-quality window cleaning agents which makes your windows sparkle efficiently. You can also use a glass cleaning chemical. Besides, some homemade products can be quite effective such as a mixture of vinegar or dishwashing liquid with water. Make sure that the chemical is completely removed from the window.

Use Professional Tools

Although newspapers are easily accessible and cheap, it is better to not use them for cleaning windows. They do not wipe the cleaning chemical properly and leave a smudge on the window. Also, do not use metallic objects while cleaning windows as they can break the glass and damage the window. Avoid any harsh chemical or abrasive equipment while for cleaning purposes.
It is essential to use a soft cloth to clean window glass. Use microfiber cloth as it does not leave scratches. For more professional cleaning equipment, use a squeegee. Check out advanced and easy to use squeegee here.

Clean the Windows Last

Windows attract dust and dirt towards them.  If you are cleaning or carrying out any maintenance, construction, or remodeling in your home, drywall mud, paint, or even abrasive chemicals can easily make their way onto your windows. So, it is best to clean the windows once the rest of the house is cleaned.

Don’t Rely on Rain and Avoid Sunny Days

Dirt, dust, and salt form the atmosphere can accumulate on the windows, especially in coastal areas. Therefore, do not rely on rain to clean your windows for you. It will make dirty windows dirtier making your task more difficult. Also note that, While the hot sun will make your windows dry faster, it will also make them more prone to streaking.  Hence, try to clean your windows on a cloudy day.

We hope you find these tips and tricks useful and perform cleaning tasks with ease. To find effectively cleaning equipment and tools, visit our website