A hospital corridor with cleaning equipment

Effective Cleaning of a Healthcare Facility

Hundreds of patients are coming into healthcare facilities every day, infected with contagious and deadly diseases, and suffering from other illnesses. Therefore it is gravely important for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories to maintain a thorough cleaning protocol. To ensure that virus and bacterias are not spreading within the facility, certain cleaning and janitorial measures shall be taken:

Train the Janitorial Staff

 Most of the time it is seen that the janitorial staff are neither properly trained nor properly equipped for the cleaning tasks. This leads to inefficiency in cleaning the hospitals and clinics and sometimes results in the exposure of staff to the contamination. The healthcare facilities shall provide proper training to their clean staff. They should be taught to clean frequently touched areas well and shall be trained in handling contaminants.

Avoid Hazardous Chemicals

Using extensively hard and harmful cleaning agents is bad. It will expose sensitive patients to chemicals, affecting their health and recovery. The strong chemicals may even result in damaging the skins of the janitors using them. Use effective but harmless cleaning chemicals for your healthcare facilities.

Use Proper Cleaning Equipment

Using proper equipment for cleaning is very essential. The cleaning staff shall be well provided with the proper gears such as heavy-duty buckets, mops, and gloves. Microfiber dusters and cleaners can help in the deep-cleaning of your hospital or clinics. Once in the market, you may find advanced cleaning equipment that can give your janitorial team great ease and efficiency in cleaning.

Dispose of Contaminants & Waste with Care

The waste materials should be properly tied in bags and dispose of them. And all the contaminants shall be get rid of with care. It shall be ensured that the staff does not come in direct contact with any bio-hazardous contamination.

Disinfect After Cleaning

Even if the cleaning is despicable, there is a large possibility that bacterias and infection may be lying around the healthcare facility. Therefore, it is essential that the building is disinfected after being cleaned. You can use disinfectant for this purpose. Vacuuming with steam is another effective method for disinfecting an area.