Fabric Cleaner in Pakistan

fabric cleaner in Pakistan provided by Alclean this year

Fabric Cleaner in Pakistan Provided By Alclean This Year

Alclean is a Pakistani company which helps to provide the best fabric cleaner in Pakistan. Alclean have received many awards for their excellence.

Here are some of Alclean’s products:-FC-10L Fabric Cleaner, FC-1L Fabric Cleaner, FCB-1L Fabric Color Bleach, FSE-1L Fabric Softener and Enhancer , FSE-10L Fabric Softener and Enhancer

Alclean’s Fabric Cleaner gives clothing and materials a superior gloss and pleasant scent. The cloth becomes supple, and the scent of freshness lasts for hours after application. The fabric was brushed with our Fabric Cleaner, and afterward, it had an appearance that was almost identical to that of brand-new fabric. Provides the fabric with the appearance of being spotless and clean. The optimal selection for wool and artificial fabrics such as carpets, cushions, and other similar items. The cleanup won’t take long and won’t be difficult.

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