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Glass Cleaners Do’s, Don’ts, and Amusing Facts!


Cleaning your home windows, mirrors, tables or different glass surfaces looks as if a breeze. A squirt of your preferred glass cleaners and a paper towel has to do the trick… right? 

WRONG! Oh so very wrong. Glass is a delicate, porous surface that calls for tons of extra cautious cleaning than maximum humans may also realize.

Why have I even had my home windows professionally cleaned?

If you’ve ever requested this, I even have the answer! Well for one, it’s dangerous! Any type of hard work performed on a ladder imposes a stage of risk. Cleaning an entire residence really well worth of home windows is likewise time-ingesting and calls for extra resources and expertise than maximum might expect. You can keep away from losing an entire day cleaning your home windows most effectively to have so-so final results with the aid of hiring expert help.

Why is window cleaning important?

Cleaning home windows isn’t like cleaning a mirror or different glass surfaces inside your private home.


Windows are continuously uncovered to the factors of rain, snow, temperature change, and wind to name a few. Glass is a porous, sponge-like floor with a purpose to increase the buildup of dust, dirt, and numerous minerals over time. When those penetrate, it could cause staining and everlasting damage. Replacing your home windows is extraordinarily high priced and absolutely avoidable. 


Maintaining your home windows will upload to the appearance and price of your house. If you’re ever to sell your house, inspectors do keep in mind how nicely maintained the house is, and sure that consists of the home windows. Having glowing easy home windows WILL add to the diminished attraction of your house. If they appear to need to be replaced, capacity customers will see this as a red flag. If you observe it this way, cleaning your home windows is a strong investment for resale.

 Cleaning do’s, don’ts, and amusing facts

Many of the main manufacturers of glass cleaners include dangerous chemical compounds inclusive of ammonia. Alclean does not; we use merchandise that might be mild at the surroundings in addition to you, your family, and your pets


Alclean recommends the use of a microfiber cloth while cleansing glass over paper towels or maybe a newspaper. Here’s why: Although paper towels and newspapers are effective, they’re each wasteful. Re-using a microfiber cloth is every other small manner you and your family can cross inexperienced. Besides that, microfiber cloths are the maximum absorbent cloth you could use to easily glass or any floor. microfiber cloths won’t depart in the back of the ones pesky “fuzzies” in your glass like paper towels or a vintage rag might. No streaks, no smears, no worries!