How to Clean a Hotel Room: Step by Step Guide

If your customers are paying for a room in a 4-star or 5-star hotel, they don’t expect to be welcomed by dust, debris, hair, and rubbish. And if that’s the case, you might get negative reviews about your hotel. Those negative comments due to poor housekeeping would definitely drive the potential customers away.

This clearly indicates that good housekeeping, clean rooms, and well-made beds are really important. But to turnaround a hotel bedroom, housekeeping staff seriously have to work like crazy. It is not an easy task to clean the rooms that have been turned inside out by guests and trashed by the visitors. Here are some cleaning steps that would help you to make the hotel bedroom sparkle in just 30 minutes:

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1. Ventilate the Rooms

First of all, open the windows of the room and let the fresh air come in. It will also let the possible stench in the room out. The ventilation would also prevent the smell of cleaning chemicals from lingering around.

2. Strip off the Sheets

Start with stripping off the sheets from the beds and place them in the laundry bag/basket. If the guest of that room has stayed there the previous night and has not checked out yet then there is no need to change the sheets unless they are stained. You would just need to remake the bed.

3. Empty the Bins

Move around and collect all the trash lying in the room. Empty the dustbins in the garbage bag that you would have brought with you. Place new trash bags inside the bins.

4. Remove Used Mugs & Crockery

Pick up all the used mugs, cups, glass, crockery, and dishes in the room. Switch them with clean, fresh crockery and put the dirty ones in your cleaning trolley so you can take them with you on your way out.

5. Dusting and Vacuum

Dust all the equipment and furniture using a microfiber duster in the bedroom, top to all the way down. Make sure that you don’t miss the difficult to reach areas,  like light fittings, headboards, under the bed, or the top of wardrobes and cupboards. Vacuum the rugs, and couches to get rid of the dust and debris in the fabric. Wipe all the electronics in the room and sanitize everything to kill prevailing germs.

6. Make the Bed

Since all the items in the room are cleaned, now you can make the bed.  Inspect the mattress for any damage or wear, and report any problems to the shift manager. If everything is fine, spread clean, fresh sheets on the bed, change the pillow covers.

7. Clean the Floor

By doing this last, you ensure that you aren’t creating more work for yourself by making it messy again during other cleaning processes. Hard floors should be swept and mopped, while carpets should be vacuumed, starting from an inner corner and working out towards the door.

8. One Last Check

Everything is done, and the room would be sparkling by now. But a double check is never is a bad choice. Have a good look around the bedroom and see if there is anything you might have missed by chance.