Most essential Dusting Equipment in Pakistan You Need

Hygiene is an essential part of every single person’s life. Maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean eating healthy but cleaning the environment around you too. Dusting equipment can help you to clean your space

A few of the best dusting equipment you can get to make your home dust-free are as follows.

Magic Broom

This dusting equipment not only sweeps the floor but also mops the floor. Easily remove dirt, dust, water, and hair. Silicon broom handle can be adjusted, so no need to bend your waist. Best fit for marble floors, ceramic tiles, and wooden floors.

Feasible Microfiber Duster

A feasible microfiber duster grabs and traps dust that would fall on the floor. It can flex and contours to reach tight spaces and between objects such as lighting fixtures, bookshelves, and behind furniture. Comes with adjustable height to clean top areas.

Washable Anti Static Duster

This dusting equipment has soft microfiber and a flexible head. Perfect for cars, window blinds, ceiling fans, crown molding, and bookshelves.

Bathroom Brush / Viper

Consists of two bristles, which effectively remove stains on rough and hard floors. Stainless steel can be easily removed, attached, and adjusted. Easily brush the floor and the viper side can wipe it easily.

Carpet Cleaner Brush with Dust Collector

Comes with gentle bristles so you can use them on a daily basis for your house cleaning purposes. Packed with soft bristles, and dense. Easy to use for your upholstery. Soft bristles allow cleaning from any floor surface without causing linting.

Carpet Cleaning Brush

Household roller dusting brush with four rollers easily removes debris from the surface. You can use it on bed sheets, sofa cushions, floor mats, carpet, etc. This dusting equipment comes in high-quality plastic, not easily deformed.

Microfiber Cloth

Ultra-soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloths will not scratch paints, coats, or other surfaces. You can use it both with chemicals or without cleaning chemicals. Absorb water 8 times of its own weight.

Roof & Wall Duster

You can easily clean your roof and wall with this duster as it comes with a telescopic handle. Best for cleaning walls, ceiling, carnies, floors, and more. Easily removes cobwebs.

Smart Sweep

A portable automatic hand push sweeper magically cleans all debris from the floor. Additionally, you don’t need any electricity to work with it. The broom dustpan is attached so no remnants are left.

Dusting Equipment

Dusting Equipment

Online Shopping Pakistan

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