Prevent Clothes from Being Damaged

People like to wear clothes that look new and fresh because no one likes the fading of colors. Follow these tips to keep your clothes looking like new and only keep dry clean, washable clothes. With regular cleaning and care and following the right procedure, your clothes will last longer.

Never Overload

Overloading the washing machine with clothes can damage clothes. Clothes will just rub together and will not get clean and cause damage to the fabric.

Sorting Clothes

Always sort your clothes because the color of your new clothes can bleed onto other clothes in the washing machine and cause you great loss. Separate your dark clothes from light and wash them separately.

Use Dryer Less

Repeated drying of clothes leads to rips on the clothes because heat from the dryer will cause damage to your clothes and most clothes will fade and shrink and ruin the elastic. Instead, take the laundry out of the washing machine and hang it to dry as soon as possible to avoid wrinkles and let them out or just buy a clothesline and let your clothes dry naturally.

Avoid Hot Water

Use cold water for washing clothes, hot water will wear out your fabric quickly. Washing in cold water will increase the life of your clothes. Use hot water only when the clothes are really dirty.

Washing Inside Out

The spin cycles can seriously wear out clothes, it is better if the inside of your clothes takes more damage than the outside. Clothes that have beads, buttons on, washing inside out can keep them safe from falling off and also help the delicate clothes from any damage. If not using a washing machine, wash these clothes gently by hand.

It is also important to use the right fabric softeners and good quality detergents for while washing your clothes to prevent them from being damaged. Now keep your clothes fresh as ever with Alclean’s fabric cleaning chemicals.