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DC-600ML-Degreaser Cleaner 600 ML

Degreaser Cleaner (DC – 600ML) is the best degreaser by Al that you can buy online in Pakistan.

High quality cleaning product from Al is formulated to degrease surfaces efficiently.

Dissolves grease, oil, dirt, grime from hard surfaces.

Best for cleaning engines, vehicle parts such as car parts, bike chains, brakes, bearings, doors.

Best for factories and industrial machineries and equipment,

Best for kitchen to clean sinks, stoves, oil spills on the floor, cookware, and appliances.

Volume: 600ml

Weight: 0.60kg


3372 - Sponge Wipe Ultra

Al Clean's Sponge Wipe is the best quality cleaning product that is available online in Pakistan.

High Quality Household Cleaning product used to wipe surfaces and remove stains efficiently.

High Absorbent Sponge which absorbs spilled liquids easily.

Easily washable and reusable maintaining maximum efficiency.

Cleans any kind off rigid stains off of kitchen counters, dishes, floors etc.


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Weight 1.10

DC-600ML-Degreaser Cleaner 600 ML

Weight 0.60 kg

3372 – Sponge Wipe Ultra

Weight 0.50 kg
Weight 1.10 kg


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