Tips to Keep Your Cleaning Staff Safe

The number of accidents with cleaning staff in the workplaces and facilities is quite concerning.  They need to be prevented. It is the responsibility of employers, managers,  or the concerning person to lower the chances of possible hazards as much as possible. Some commonly occurring accidents are trips, falls, slips, mishandling of contaminated substances, electrocuting, injuries, etc.

Use Eco-Friendly Products

There are a number of non-chemical products on the market that are safe for workers and the environment. When possible, choose eco-friendly products that get the job done safely and effectively.

Provide Protective Gears

You should have clean, regulation personal protective gears available for all cleaning staff. You want to ensure that your workers actually use this equipment. This includes:

Always Use Ventilation

When using any cleaning products, you want to use a fan to ventilate the area. This helps prevent inhalation of harmful fumes, and it dries the product quickly to avoid moisture-related damage.

Prevent Slips And Trips

Wet floors, uneven floors, ladders, broken tile, and other hazards can cause serious falls. Even one misstep can cause strains, breaks, and damage. Preventing slips is crucial to worker safety. Place caution and warning signs around spills or damaged floors and clean up spills immediately.

Have Necessary Tools On Hand

You always want to have safe cleaning products and machines available to your workers. The equipment you supply can encourage safety and health. Confused about which cleaning chemicals and products to use? Shop online from Alclean. We have a range of equipment and chemicals for you.