Vacuum cleaner types

What Are The Different Types Of Vacuum cleaners And Which One To Buy? 

The days of scrubbing and dusting every corner of your house to remove stuck dirt, grime, or pet hair are long gone. Cleaning is now a breeze, thanks to vacuum cleaners. Before we get into the different types of vacuum cleaners and which one is best for you, let’s talk about how vacuum cleaners work and how they make life easier.

Types of vacuum cleaners

There are five types of vacuum cleaner

Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

One of the earliest, most common, and most popular vacuum cleaners is the upright model. It has an easy-to-understand tilt and push ergonomic design. The brush is powered by a motor and suction to remove dirt.
It is most effective and efficient for cleaning large carpeted surfaces. It has a sensor that effectively removes debris from carpet strands. It also has a setting for cleaning bare floors that turns off the brush roll.
It can be adjusted in height, and attachments are sometimes required to reach tight corners. It is difficult to push and pull.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A stick model is slim and lightweight, and it is ideal for quick cleaning. It is shaped like a broom and has a simple design that makes it easy to store.The motor, which is located alongside the stick, performs light suction. This type is useful for getting around furniture and in tight spaces. It can be used to clean small carpeted areas as well as hardwood floors. It’s perfect for cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom. StickVaccumCleaner also has a setting for cleaning bare floors that turns off the brush roll. It can be converted into a handheld vacuum cleaners and comes with fewer attachments. Instead of bags, there are dirt cups. It is not very powerful and should not be used for deep cleaning. It may have a shorter battery life than other types.

Canister vacuum cleaner

A retractable suction hose connects a long wand to a cylinder-like device in a canister type. It is powered by a motor and has a dust-collecting receptacle. It can clean a variety of surfaces, including bare hard floors, carpeted areas, wooden floors, tiles, cars, stairs, walls, ceilings, corners, and upholstery, such as furniture and curtains. It has numerous attachments and is more expensive because it can operate on a variety of surfaces. For storage purposes, it is larger than other models.


Handheld vacuum cleaner

It is a small, portable, and lightweight vacuum cleaner that is ideal for cleaning on the go. It is small enough to be held in one hand. It comes in a variety of styles, some with a cord and some without. Some have a rotating brush, while others do not. It is sometimes used in conjunction with an upright model. It is used for cleaning small or difficult-to-reach areas such as car interiors, tables, stairs, and corners. It is effective for cleaning crumbs and spills, removing fine dirt such as hair from upholstery, and cleaning up after children and pets. It is less expensive than other models. It is not a full-size vacuum and cannot be used for general floor cleaning.

Robotic vacuum cleaner

It is a sensor-controlled automatic vacuum cleaner. It requires little effort because it does not require any maneuvering. After selecting the settings and entering the instructions via remote control, it can clean without supervision. It can be used to clean corners, tiles, carpets, and wood surfaces. It’s small, doesn’t require a cleaner bag, and makes less noise. It is always cordless, which means it must be charged on a regular basis. It cleans very well and quickly because it is automatic. As a result, it is more expensive than other types of models.

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