Car wash at home

Wash Your Car Like a Pro

Many of you might have had a bad experience where the commercial car wash ended up damaging your car. And now, the fear of harsh brushes and insensitive cleaning does not let you take your precious vehicles back to the car wash. Therefore, you might prefer washing the car at home in your garages or the backyard.

Although you are busy most of the time, somehow you do manage to take time for washing the car by yourselves. You might take your kid or young siblings to help you out in the task. Even the kids like to clean their parent’s cars to earn some extra pocket money. For all such friends of ours, Alclean has brought some effective and handy tips for washing the car. So now, give your car pro-wash right at your place.

Clean the Interior First

First of all start with the interior of your car. Collect and throw out all the trash in your car. Also, get rid of all the unnecessary stuff lying on the backseats, dashboard, or in the trunk. After that, remove the floor mats and wash them separately. Clean the dust that is beneath the mats. Also, wipe the seat covers, dashboard, and seatbelts well with a wet microfiber cloth for deep cleaning. Using a small vacuum cleaner can be quite effective for cleaning the interior of your car.

Windows Inside and Out

Next comes the windows. Windows shall be cleaned from the inside first. Use a clean, wet cloth to wipe the window glass. You can use effective window cleaning chemicals from Alclean too. Once done from the inside, clean the windows and windshields from outside. After scrubbing them, wipe the windows well with wipers. Use a toothbrush to clean the debris lying in the window panes and doorframes.

Hose, Scrub, Hose

Now, let’s get done with the exterior. Start with hosing the entire car well on the outside. Or you can you 2-3 pale of water to fully wet the car. Then apply some good car shampoo throughput and scrub all the dirt and stain of your car. Sponges can be a good help while doing this task.  Once well-scrubbed, now hose the car again to clean all the shampoo and make your car sparkle. You can wipe the wet car using dry mops. The same hosing and scrubbing go for the tires and wheels of the car.

Washing cars at home is not only safer, but it is also cost-effective. You can do it at any time of your convenience. All you would need is the right equipment, proper chemicals, and good techniques for a car wash.